6th International Interdisciplinary Conference

6th International Interdisciplinary Conference

“One World – Many Cultures”

Kujawy and Pomorze University has the honor to announce that the 6th International Interdisciplinary conference „One World- Many Cultures” is going to take place from the 5th to the 6th of November 2015.

The Parliament of the Republic of Poland issued a directive stating that the year 2015 will be devoted to Pope John Paul the Second. Members of Parliament passed the bill unanimously “in the sense of duty and respect towards the person who had an implausible impact on the fate of not only the Polish people, but also of the whole contemporary world”. That is why the 2015 Conference edition’s central theme is “John Paul the Second – Remembrance,  Dialogue, Identity, Poland and the World in the face of the Challenges of the 3rd Millennium”.

The organization of the annual Conference „One World – Many Cultures” is an illustration of KPU’s mission expressed by the motto „Sapientiae Servientes – Serving Wisdom”. It conveys the idea of being open for the modern challenges which Poland and the World are facing, and the understanding of which requires interdisciplinary approach of scientific representatives of social, theological, technical and economic sciences, as well as humanities and law and administration. The event is a continuation of annual scientific meetings organized by our University, inaugurated in 2010,  with the aim of promoting cross-cultural dialogue as well as the exchange of ideas on contemporary world’s problems among experts in cultural, political, sociological, theological and pedagogical sciences, as well as economists, historians, psychologists, lawyers and representatives of the media and other sciences.

The Conference is organized by Kujawy and Pomorze University, Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI, Kujawy and Pomorze Marshall’s Office and the Municipal Council of Bydgoszcz.